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16th of June 2021, Impossible Conversation | Li Li Chung
“The silence, the silent thinking and the writing…you know by the time you got to read your story and actually listen…so, it was very active listening…and by the time we got to the third part, you know, we were all kind comfortable with each other…and by the time we got to the open discussion we were almost like friends already, you know.”  read more

29th of May 2021, Digital Silence | Aneta Brašnicková
“I didn’t try to make any noise…well I don’t really make a lot of noise on my own (laughs)…in general so I was just like acting as I would, like even if the camera wasn’t on.” read more

19th of May 2021, Digital Silence | Vicky Athanasiadou
“I was so curious to observe…because there were people that I started to appreciate in the audience…” read more

5th of May 2021, Digital Silence | Edited Version | Lata Anastasia
Everything becomes a part of the conversation, not only me as a person, but my laptop, the trees outside of my window for example, everything is taking part in the performance, in the actual conversation.” read more