Building Conversation and KAAP (BE)

In October we will be back in Belgium at the invitation of Kunstencentrum KAAP. This time we are part of the Festival van de Architectuur in Oostende and will host the Parliament of Things.
In addition, Peter Aers will talk to programmer Stine Sampers about the Rethink & Replace project at KAAP.

In May and June Washing Hands was part of Mind the Artist.
Mind the Artist is a festival series in which Musea Brugge opens its doors to versatile and creative talent from Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition to exhibitions, there are also take-overs by cultural partners, giving them a carte blanche to put together an exciting, challenging program.
It is in this context that Kunstencentrum KAAP invited Building Conversation. Washing Hands could be seen in the Sint-Janshospitaal for almost two months.

No English spoken performances planned at this moment