STRP Festival 2021 | All of Us

This year STRP Festival explores the themes of collectivity and connection together with artists, designers, philosophers and developers.
Last April Building Conversation was part of the evening program Me and You and Everything We Know with Impossible Conversation on Collectivity and coming June we will participate in the festival.

On June 2 Building Conversation opens the festival with a large-scale version of Distant Thoughts. Distant Thoughts is a conversation for two over the telephone. Together with Affect lab we developed a space in which up to 500 people can call in at the same time, after which you are connected to a stranger. Connected together in a collective, alone and with each other.
With this next step in the development of the work, we want to cross boundaries and reach out to a larger international group of participants. People from different places and time zones can join this very personal and collective experience.

On June 3 we are part of STRP Scenario # 11 Conversations on Collectivity with Impossible Conversation on Collectivity.
What is a collective? Is there less loneliness in a collective society? Do political views and segregation divide us? When do you feel part of a community and when not?
STRP Scenario # 11 connects you with others to look at collectivity together, what is collectivity and how can we talk about this based on our own experiences. In a temporary collective about the community of which we may or may not be a part.
The evening starts with Impossible Conversation on Collectivity, followed by a conversation with Luzia Heu, Scott Shigeoka and Martina Seitl. Read more about the different speakers here.

No English spoken performances planned at this moment