Conversation Marathon Amsterdam

In April 2017, we started our four-year tour of Amsterdam with Building Conversation, with the aim of organizing conversations for people who do not naturally meet each other. This conversation marathon is for those people who, just like us, feel the need to break down boundaries and start conversations outside their own circle, but do not know how to approach them. We detect a need for collective vision of the future in an individualized and uncertain time. We believe that the conversation is necessary for collective representation of our future. Our ambitions are great. By the end of 2020 we hope to conclude the conversation marathon with an exhibition and a book about the state of the conversation in Amsterdam.

Every year we work in another district where we organize around 25 conversations in collaboration with existing cultural-community initiatives and events. In 2017 we were in North. On 20 April 2017 we started a weekly Conversation without words on the Buikslotermeerplein in collaboration with the Modestraat. In addition, we conducted the (Im)possible conversation at various locations in North in collaboration with Zinnig Noord, Over het IJ Festival and Sweet 70.

In 2018 we are in East. Here we work together with De Meevaart, Delitelabs, OBA, Elthato Church, Op de stip e.a.

On Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 April we will hold the conversation marathon in East. With conversational forms inspired by rituals from all over the world, we offer a multicolored palette of conversations over the weekend. The separation between newcomers and occupants, the participation society, entrepreneurship, creativity, political participation, meeting, the future. All themes that Amsterdam and every neighborhood in the city has to deal with. But how do we make these topics negotiable? And how do we deal with our differences of opinion on these topics?

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