RIZOOM at Arcadia in Leeuwarden

During BoskLab and international performing arts festival PAFFF (Arcadia), Building Conversation continues working on RHIZOME. On the ruins of an old starch factory in Ter Apel, RHIZOME premiered last November. The participating audience was taken on a wandering journey along crumbling concrete and rampant roots. Inspired by trees growing horizontally from walls and nesting on floating plastic, the public was invited to thoroughly revisit their own thinking patterns. In the city centre of Leeuwarden, the walking forest Bosk is the starting point for further exploration. In the city, too, nature and culture are inextricably connected. What happens when we stop trying to pull the two apart and pay attention to the way we, human beings, are entangled with everything around us; skin and fibers, iron and leaf. We zoom in on nettles between pavement tiles, a bramble in the gutter and moss on a coke can; looking for a different way of being in the world.

Bosk is one of the projects of Arcadia, the 100-day cultural festival that takes place in Friesland this summer. During the festival more than a thousand trees walk the center of Leeuwarden, asking us questions about our relationship with nature and the earth. Bosk stands for cheerful activism and radical imagination. An important part of the program around Bosk is the BoskLab in which artists from different art disciplines create new work and thus reflect on Bosk.

Ruben van Vliet
No English spoken performances planned at this moment