RIZOOM at Warming Up Festival in the Tolhuistuin

We Are Warming Up. Like the rest of the world. But what does that mean? And, what does it do with us? From 26 to 30 October the Warming Up Festival takes place in Tolhuistuin Amsterdam. Building Conversation is part of the program with RIZOOM. On Saturday and Sunday we invite you to join us in a Driftage through challenging terrain. Based on a simple set of principles and a few magic spells for the journey, we take you into a challenging physical thought game and tempt you to different ways of relating and experiencing. After the driftage, we serve a hearty soup and conclude with a Conversation.

Besides RIZOOM, the Warming Up Festival features a program of music, art, talks and theater on the biggest issue of our time: our climate.

No English spoken performances planned at this moment