Building Conversation and Matchbox in Rhein Neckar (DE)

Starting last January, we have been organizing conversations in collaboration with Matchbox again. Our collaboration started three years ago during the Democracy Festival HAMBACH! Matchbox is a cultural organization that focuses on the rural surroundings and involves its inhabitants in art projects from their own region and the rest of Europe.

This year our collaboration consists of two parts and will run until September. In January we started with the first part; a program in which we have a different online conversation every month. We alternate between Impossible Conversation and Distant Thoughts. This time we will try to reach even more people from the region to connect young and old people from different villages.
Last year we shared our practices with young people from the area. This year we will do the same in Neustadt (an der Weinstrasse) and Weinheim. In August and September, we will work with a group of people for a longer period in order to teach them Thinking Together – an experiment, Impossible Conversation, Agonistic Conversation, Conversation without Words and Parliament of things. Together with them we look at the theme Where the collective meets the individual.

An important part of last year’s group of young people is still actively involved in Building Conversation as a facilitator of the different performances. It is exciting to see how involved these young people are and that they feel the urge to seek out connection through conversations with each other and also to stay connected.

c: Sarah Hähnle

No English spoken performances planned at this moment

Matchbox is an extraordinary programme of artistic discourse, spanning theatre, dance, performance, visual art, music and literature that travels through the region and manifests itself in diverse ways. It appears, disappears, re-appears, continuing on its way while leaving traces. Matchbox is a format that relies on the spirit of discovery and love of participation by the audiences in the Rhine-Neckar region for its specific projects that are individually bound to places and local people and created by artists of international renown, thus radiating beyond provincial and national borders.