Det Lille Theater (DK) & Building Conversation

This spring, Building Conversation and Det Lille Teater (Copenhagen, Denmark) will be working together for the first time. Det Lille Teater is Denmark’s oldest children’s theater. This year they want to step out of their comfort zone and find inspiration in the world. Together with us the theater wil explore what stepping out of their comfort zone means for them.
In April, we will be conducting the Parliament of Things with a focus on biodiversity and bees. The conversation will be hosted by anthropologist and Bybi founder Oliver Maxwell.
Latr this year, we’ll share our practice with them and, among others things, teach them the Parliament of Things. From this they will create their own version of the Parliament of Things: a version for children, which will be part of a series of performances for children (who attend primary school) that will take place this autumn.

No English spoken performances planned at this moment