Conversation on the Future at Metropolis – Copenhagen

With Metropolis, we focus on the future. The impossible, uncertain future that is difficult to talk about. In this corona situation, many questions are asked about the way we have organised ourselves in society.

For Metropolis, Building Conversation is a natural and necessary follow-up on the experiences from this summer’s 100-day walking project Wa(l)king Copenhagen, where 100 artists have studied the condition of the city and its inhabitants during this special time. With these experiences in the bag, it is now time to look ahead. How do we create the future? What alternatives can we imagine?

The art space is a place where one can think freely and experiment. Reflect and reform. Thus, with Building Conversation in Copenhagen, we want to create a think tank for those of you who wish to rethink the structures of society and create new perspectives for the future.

No English spoken performances planned at this moment