Constructing a Collective Gaze

Building Conversation is developing (new) work under the name Constructing a Collective Gaze.
We explore ways of looking together and how shared meaning forms and changes our relationship with each other.
In this work, we examine the collective: what is a collective viewing experience, how is an individual experience shared in a group, and how do people construct meaning together?
This work shifts the focus from the individual to the collective. How do we see as a group?

The works are inspired by the Visual Thinking Strategies methodology, developed by the MoMA in New York.

Below is an overview of the five performative conversations that Building Conversation is developing under the name Constructing a Collective Gaze.

Watched and Seen
How do we watch a performance? During Watched and Seen, the spectators meet, and share the experience of watching.

During Beeldspraak, we establish a space within which, as a group, we can look at something from different perspectives.  Beeldspraak consists of two lessons in which we look at and talk about three works of art with students and teachers.

Watching Animals
In a small group, we look at stuffed animals, live animals and works of art and reflect on our observations. We discuss the way we see, examine our assumptions and together allow mean-ing to unfold. What does looking at (dead and living) animals mean in the Anthropocene age?

VTS – Street Conversations
Passers-by engage in conversation while looking at a work of art. The work is an opportunity for strangers to meet.

Watching Pixels (online)
A multitude of images reaches us via our glowing computer and smartphone screens, and in turn, we become an image for others. How do we relate to these images and how do we relate to each other? During Watching Pixels we talk to each other through images that we view online: paintings, photo-graphs and films.

No English spoken performances planned at this moment