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We are currently investigating what Building Conversation could mean for schools. Through a series of conversations students will get to know each other, themselves and their environment in a different manner. They will get to know different ways of speaking and gain experience in changing perspectives. A vital part of the process entails reflecting on personal experiences.

During the program students are invited to find out what their communal values are. Together a shared values horizon is created: a compass which allows them to discuss the way in which they interact and the actions they take. How do we talk about what is of value to the group, taking into account the differences existent between the people in that group? How do we create an environment in which we can enter into this conversation easily?

We are looking for schools and cultural institutions that want to start this process with us.
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Een open discussieklimaat in de klas is een belangrijke factor voor het bevorderen van democratisch burgerschap.

Uit het rapport 'Democratische kernwaarden in het voortgezet onderwijs’ 

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