Premiere RIZOOM at Jonge Harten Theater Festival Groningen

On Saturday 20 November the nomadic artwork RIZOOM will have its premiere during the Jonge Harten Theater Festival.
Unfortunately the premiere of the performance DYING TOGETHER / Futures on Sunday 21 November, has been cancelled due to the current corona measurements.
Both performances are part of the Future is Coming program of the Jonge Harten Theater Festival Groningen. Lotte van den Berg, who directs both works, is the festival’s artist-in-residence.

What do we need to install a radically different imagination on the positioning of humankind in the world?
Playdates: Sat 20 to Mon 22 November

On Tuesday 23 November, Lotte van den Berg will give a masterclass to young makers during the FIELD days. The FIELD days are a new program component within Jonge Harten. They arose from the need for more contact with young (studying) makers.

This year, the program of Jonge Harten Theater Festival is all about Future is Coming. The future is a fact that we cannot ignore. Jonge Harten likes to reflect on this. The festival does this by thinking out loud about what this future needs, how we relate to it and what a post-corona era should look like. The makers programmed for this edition all reflect on one of these questions in one way or another. In addition to ‘future’, ‘necessity’, ‘giving a voice’, ‘recovery’, being a role model’, and encounters are also central to the programming.

No English spoken performances planned at this moment