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Premiere DYING TOGETHER / Futures at Jonge Harten Theater Festival Groningen

This year we are at the Jonge Harten Theater Festival for the long awaited premiere of DYING TOGETHER / Futures!
The performance is the third and last part of the triptych DYING TOGETHER, developed in the last four years at Building Conversation. The triptych is an artistic practice in which we, as a team, relate to the notion of togetherness by examining moments of collective death together with audiences.  Exploring death provides a vantage point to consider how we live together.

The idea of making an additional third part entitled /Futures was born during the first Covid-19 wave in 2020. After several try-outs in Frascati Amsterdam and Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, the Covid-19 measures were repeatedly making it impossible to have a premiere because of the nature of the performance; the work provides performers and audiences with a place to think physically; by positioning and repositioning their body in space.

On Saturday 20 November the nomadic artwork RIZHOME had its premiere during the Jonge Harten Theater Festival.
Unfortunately the premiere of the performance DYING TOGETHER / Futures on Sunday 21 November, was  cancelled due to corona measurements.
Both performances were part of the Future is Coming program of the Jonge Harten Theater Festival Groningen. Lotte van den Berg, who directs both works, was the festival’s artist-in-residence.

No English spoken performances planned at this moment