Building Conversation at Ter Apel

Curiosity and Control is a long-term project that takes place in a derelict industrial site in the small town of Ter Apel, Groningen. Abandoned forty years ago, the potato starch factory is overrun by trees, mosses and creepers. Roofs are falling in. Walls are collapsing. Here, we go to work by not-doing and not-acting. We leave the transformation process that begun decades ago undisturbed. We enter into an ongoing dialogue with this site-in-flux. We create simple, minimal frameworks that allow us to observe this gradual transformation and to focus on our own human position.

The steady, unfailing transformation of the site is a unique source of inspiration for reflecting on the communication and thought patterns we use, on the control we hope we can maintain and the insurmountable changes that await us. Curiosity and Control is a visual installation and conversation space in one, in which you can reflect alone or in a group on the ever-evolving relationship between man and nature. With participating audiences from the region and the Randstad, we examine ideas relating to moulding and manipulation, and question our own urge to control: when do we—or don’t we—intervene?