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Building Conversation at SANTARCANGELO 2050 – FUTURO FANTASTICO (IT)

In July we travel to Santarcangelo Festival. Santarcangelo, dedicated to contemporary theatre, dance and performative arts, is one of the most important Italian festivals, as well as the oldest, and was founded in 1971.
With SANTARCANGELO 2050 – FUTURO FANTASTICO, the festival is celebrating its 50th anniversary while also looking to the future. The program has evolved over the past twelve months despite and thanks to the pandemic.
With Building Conversation we participate in the utopian research project How to be Together; a temporary, sustainable village in which we look at what it means to be together, now and in the future.
A group of 50 participants, consisting of a mix of 50 students and artists from different countries, forms a temporary community.
The project moves from the question How to be together to What can be done together that we could not do otherwise? Five subgroups have been formed and each group will investigate How To Be Together starting from a specific perspective
Lotte Van Den Berg and Peter Aers will facilitate Communication as a magic ritual: looking at communication as a ritual and a space-time opening able to channel invisible presences.
In addition, the team working on the new performance RIZOOM participates in other workgroups.

No English spoken performances planned at this moment