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Extra information working groups 20 & 21 October

Working group 1 Inspiration or appropriation? – Time Loop Revisited
Seven years ago we met the artists from Debajehmujig, storytellers living in the Great Lakes region of Canada. They inspired us to make Time Loop, a performative conversation in which people are invited to consider current issues from the perspective of ancestors and future family members. We invite them to join us again during The Gathering, to revisit the work with us and a few of you. Mindful of the fine line between inspiration and appropriation, we will reflect upon the work to single out and learn which actions are needed. To them, what does it mean that we made this work based on what they told us? What happens to the work if we bring it into dialogue with the source it was inspired by? Is this possible? Can we learn from and with each other and create a (new) space for tangible time and actual questions?

Working group 2 Safe or brave? – Thinking Together Revisited
Inspired by the work of David Bohm and his book ‘On Dialogue’, we developed Thinking Together – an experiment eight years ago. We have conducted this form of conversation in many different places, with different people and communities. The introduction to Bohm’s work, which we share before we start the conversation, has been modified considerably over the years, but the fundamentals remain the same: a free conversation space, without a moderator, without a subject and without a goal. What values have we drawn from Bohm’s work so far and how do we look at them now? How do safe and good spaces relate to the free space proposed by Bohm? We will consult experts with practical experience such as teachers, programme makers, debate leaders and politicians and investigate what is needed now to create a safe, free and experimental space in which patterns can be observed and broken.

Practical information working groups
A working group consists of two days. You can register for just 1 working group.
We work from 10am till 8pm. Lunch and dinner included
If you wish to attend a working group, we also ask you to be present during the two-day public programme at the weekend, so that we can share findings with the public.

The costs for the four-day programme are € 200/ € 120 (regular/student discount). TICKETS
If you would like to participate, but the fee raises a problem for you, please send us an e-mail at info@buildingconversation.nl so we can work this out with you.

The Gathering – public programme | Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 October 

Saturday 22 October | Inspiration or appropriation?
Time Loop Revisited | 10am – 2pm  | lunch included
Agonistic Conversation | 10am – 2pm | lunch included
Debate | 2am-5pm

Sunday 23 October | Safe or brave?
Thinking Together Revisited – 10am-2pm | lunch included
Debate | 2pm-5pm