Dying Together / Futures

DYING TOGETHER is a mental exercise in physical form in which performers, together with the audience, examine and disentangle situations involving collective dying. Over recent years the performance has been developed and staged in various places in Europe and turns its attention to contemporary situations in which large groups of people, animals and even ecosystems die. In autumn 2020 it will be followed by the (unexpected) third part: DYING TOGETHER / Futures, which is devoted entirely to the impact of Covid 19 on the world we live in.

DYING TOGETHER / Futures focuses on the current pandemic, in which it is not only people and animals that die, but also visions of the future. In the performance, a group of 20 to 40 people is invited to reflect collectively on the times we are living in. The script is flexible, close to current events and open to everything that presents itself. DYING TOGETHER / Futures is both an intense experience and an enlightening mental experience in which you become aware of the many connections and alliances that already exist between us. By constantly casting the present situation and the past few months in a new light, it becomes palpable that this moment of collective dying first and foremost tells us something about the way we relate to each other while living.