Ambassy of the North Sea / Border Sessions

The Embassy of the North Sea gives a voice to things, plants, animals in the North Sea and the people who enjoy it. In the months March, April and June, we will draft with these actors a ‘Plea of the North Sea’. You can follow the process on On Saturday the 16th of June a hands-on and inspirational event is organised by the Embassy with the following central question: How can we use open data and artificial intelligence to give a political voice to the North Sea ecosystem? Bring your design, hack, artistic vision, visualisation, analytics, programming, and entrepreneurial skills and give the creatures and things that inhabit and make use of our North Sea a visually appealing, realtime, and real voice. Your input, the output of the lab, as well as the plea that is developed will be presented in the Hague to the House of Representatives on the 29th of June.

(this lab is in Dutch)