“If we try to enumerate the materials Building Conversation has used, as you can with the steel concrete and glass of regular buildings, it would be 968 conversations, a trillion words, even more thoughts and emotions and afterwards 1,001 visions.
In all those years not that many texts appeared. We mainly focused
on conversations and live experiences. Now, after our first decade, there is a book.


Building Conversation celebrates and shares the work they have developed by publishing the scripts of several performative conversations in book form, making them available to all. The scripts of Conversation Without WordsParliament of Things and Thinking Together – An Experiment, among others, can be found in Building Conversation – The Scripts, a publication marking 10 years of Building Conversation.


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You can choose to have the book Building Conversation – The Scripts professionally printed on demand. Here are the instructions and files that enable you to place an order for the book through Pumbo:


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