Elias Simonse

Elias Simonse is part of the Building Conversation collective. He is a conversation guide during Building Conversation Amsterdam.

A burning question in Elias Simonse’s life is: “How to live a (ful on) worthy existence in a society founded on the consumption of Mother Earth’s life and our fellow humans”. He attempts to become conscious of the forgotten relations in modern life – such as the relation to the body, time, the Earth, our ancestors, the spirit – and is looking for ways to remember those.

Jörgen Gario

Jörgen Gario is member of the Building Conversation collective and conversation guide during Building Conversation Amsterdam.

Jörgen “UNOM” Gario, is part of the first Poetry Circle (Amsterdam), a platform for young writing performers and performing writers, of whom he is now a workshop teacher. UNOM means Untouchable Nobody Outplays Many.

On stage he weaves together music and poetry into a raw form of expression loaded with energy and positivity.

He performs all around The Netherlands and has performed in India, Tanzania, South Africa, Germany, Italy, England and Belgium.