Thu 28 May 2020
20:30 - 22:00

During Digital Silence the participants play with their own presence and absence, in their rooms and on the web. Looking for a third space, a hybrith space, that is both physical and virtual. ‘Where am I if I’m both in my room and on the screen? And where are you?’ Digital Silence connects rooms and people in one big multidimensional apartment block, floating between bricks and pixels, neither present nor absent.

How do you talk about the future? How do you summon up images of things that don’t yet exist? For Impossible Conversation on the Future we sought advice from the Jesuits, who developed a conversational method for discussing abstract concepts. It involves slowing down with each other and linking together personal views by writing, reading and talking together.

Fri 5 June 2020
20:30 - 22:00

In Distant Thoughts you are invited to take a close look at the contact you enter into with people you don’t know. It is a telephone conversation for two people who do not know each other. You follow a script in which some of the text is predetermined but which mainly leaves a lot of room for your own words and thoughts. The script gives you something to hold onto, but also challenges you. This is an unusual encounter between strangers.


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