Below we present our assortment of online performative conversations. During the first lockdown in Spring 2020, we developed distant performative conversations entitled “Where Should We Begin”. Digital meetings that transcend the daily online communication to which we have become accustomed.

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Impossible Conversation

During Impossible Conversation you enter into a conversation with each other based on personal experiences in relation to a challenging topic. The different perspectives present in the group will be coming together during the conversation. Impossible Conversation is inspired by a method of the Jesuits, in which you slow down and connect personal images by […]

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Distant Thoughts

In Distant Thoughts you are invited to take a close look at the contact you enter into with people you don’t know. It is a telephone conversation for two people who do not know each other. You follow a script in which some of the text is predetermined but which mainly leaves a lot of […]

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Digital Silence

During Digital Silence the participants play with their own presence and absence, in their rooms and on the web. Looking for a third space, a hybrith space, that is both physical and virtual. ‘Where am I if I’m both in my room and on the screen? And where are you?’ Digital Silence connects rooms and people in one big […]

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Watching Pixels

On the illuminated screens of our telephones and computers we receive an abundance of images and we ourselves become images for others. How do we relate to these images and to each other? In Watching Pixels we will hold a conversation via images that we view online: paintings, photos and films. The form of conversation […]

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