Watching Pixels

On the illuminated screens of our telephones and computers we receive an abundance of images and we ourselves become images for others. How do we relate to these images and to each other? In Watching Pixels we will hold a conversation via images that we view online: paintings, photos and films. The form of conversation we will use is inspired by a method developed at the MOMA in New York: the Visual Thinking Strategies.

Practical information

Participants: maximum 12

Duration: 90 minutes

Medium: Zoom

Practical explanation: During the conversation the participants look together at three images; often a combination of existing works of art and current (press) photography. The image selection can be made in relation to a specific theme and in consultation with the organizer.

Logistics: Participants use their own screen, it is not possible to share a screen. In preparation, they will receive an email in advance with more information about the conversation and the zoom link.