Washing Hands

Washing Hands is a ritual devised to help re-establish more physical contact in the public space.
A simple installation by design, set up in a (semi) public space.

Passers-by and visitors, who may or may not know each other, are invited to sit opposite one another at a central wash basin. By then proceeding to wash each other’s hands with soap the participants safely establish physical contact.

This unique means of physical contact encourages us to speak to one another in a refreshingly new way and challenges us to think about how the corona pandemic is transforming the way we communicate.
How is social distancing and the lack of physical contact effecting our interpersonal relationships and social skills? Is it causing us to become more detached from society, or is it conversely creating a new kind of social norm with a new way of being connected?

“The effect of self-isolation is causing us to lose our sense of our physical connectedness. Washing Hands wants to help you reconnect with this, where every touch is an encounter, a conversation – or at least the beginning of one.” – Daan ‘t Sas, Building Conversation

C: Bart Grietens

No English spoken performances planned at this moment