Cinema Imaginaire

Cinema Imaginaire is a performance made by spectators. Participating spectators are challenged to make an imaginary film that will only exist in their own mind. Cinema Imaginaire gives you a lasting, new perspective on your own presence in the city – among others. Cinema Imaginaire is an invitation to experience reality in an unusual way, to look for new perspectives. Suddenly, without anyone noticing it, reality becomes fiction.

The premiere of Cinema Imaginaire was on 16 May 2014 during the SPRING Performing Arts Festival in Utrecht. The performance was then shown at LIFT festival in London, Theater on the Market in Hasselt in Belgium, 4 + 4 Days in Motion in Prague, NEXT Festival (Villeneuve d’Ascq, Tournai and Kortrijk) and PUSH in Vancouver.

Concept and direction Lotte van den Berg dramaturgy Sodja Lotker guide Lotte van den Berg, Sodja Lotker and Howard Lotker photography Kris Dewitte production Third Space

Cinema Imaginaire has been developed i.s.m. The HUIS Utrecht is part of Festivals in Transition / Global City Local City with support from the Culture Program of the European Union. Cinema Imaginaire is financially supported by the Municipality of Utrecht and the K.F. Hein Fonds.