BACKASSWORDS / an ox on your muddy twisted torrent tongue

N.E.S.H.A.A.’s story is a curse poem, it seeps through the cracks and layers of concrete, earth and water and fills the air. The poem curses and urges you to wander around the created landscape and let the words resonate further. It asks to be repeated. A CURSE POEM is an immersive and performative installation in which movement, language and landscape come together.

Here, at this stage, your mudded name is called for

Not Every Ship Has An Author (N.E.S.H.A.A.) is a collaboration between artists Femke Gyselinck, Melissa Mabesoone and Peter Aers. In the context of A CURSE POEM, they align their practices, thereby straddling the borders of poetry and poetry. During the creation process, more researchers, artists, poets and storytellers from the past and present were involved and sources were shared.

On www.acursepoem.com you will find more background information and you can roam through their sources. You can also follow the creation process on Instagram @acursepoem.

A CURSE POEM premiered 10 June 2021 at Kunstencentrum BUDA (BE).

No English spoken performances planned at this moment

The day they levitated the Pentagon by Nadine Bloch.
This article was originally published on Waging Nonviolence.

c: Melissa Mabesoone