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20 – 23 October The Gathering in Amsterdam


The Gathering consists of four days during which we will work with international guests, artists and the audience. During the first two days, we will shed new light on existing work in different in-depth working groups. This is followed by a two-day public program with performance and debate.

Building Conversation encourages participants to adopt an artist’s mindset to explore how we talk and could talk to each other. But even at Building Conversation we have blind spots and persistent patterns that need to be examined. Where do we reinforce and confirm ways of thinking that we actually want to change? During The Gathering we turn our gaze inwards to question ourselves. Whose stories are we telling and how do we tell them? How do we handle sources of knowledge and inspiration?

The programme of The Gathering is centered around two issues; we look at the fine line between inspiration and appropriation and explore the relationship between the free conversation spaces we developed earlier and the current need for safe spaces. Read more.