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We declare love with words, we start wars with words, and we raise our children with words. From the first day until the last day, a person uses approximately eight billion words. We read and hear five times more. We use 4.400 sentences daily, during 21 conversations. Human culture is all about conversation and speaking. Europe is a conversation, the Netherlands is a conversation, we are a conversation. Building Conversation does exactly that; give attention to the way we speak. Outside our daily reality, free from existing tensions, free from our striving towards expedience, we create a space in which we can practice conversation. We invite you to join.


What does Building Conversation do? It challenges the way we view one another. A sort of practice in how to be human.


Building Conversation provides us with a means to truly engage and sustain healthy conversation, especially welcoming difference of opinion. How inspiring is it, for example, to create an alternate vision of the future together? It gives real hope and inextricably links us



Building Conversation helps you realise how much we rely on others to gain new insights and how strong our own convictions are. I believe these insights form the social glue that bind us.



Nationaltheater Mannheim
Am Goetheplatz
68161 Mannheim

In June Washing Hands can be seen during the Internationale Schillertage.
Washing Hands is a ritual devised to help re-establish more physical contact in the public space.

We are working with Matchbox again this year and created an online program where you can participate in different conversations. This month you can take part in Impossible Conversation on Trust and Control. A conversation inspired by a Jesuit method in which you slow down and connect personal images by writing, reading and speaking together.

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A CURSE POEM at Almost Summer Festival BUDA (BE)

Gedurende dit hele jaar is BUDA zoveel als ze konden doorgegaan met het hosten en ondersteunen van kunstenaars, zo ook N.E.S.H.A.A. (door onder andere Peter Aers en Obiozo Ukpabi van Building Conversation, met als resultaat dat A CURSE POEM op het Almost Summer Festival op 10 juni zijn première beleeft!

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Building Conversation at Sånafest (NO)

On June 19 and 20 we will be present at Sånafest in Norway with several performative conversations. This time we will stay at home, but an entirely local team associated with the Oslo Internasjonale Teater – to whom we handed over the work two years ago – will carry it out and perform the Parliament […]

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Washing Hands at the Internationale Schillertage (DE)

In June, in addition to Bruges and Milan, we will also travel to Mannheim with Washing Hands and be part of the Internationale Schillertage. This year the festival has put together a program that focuses on the theme of ‘together’. Given the challenges posed by the pandemic, what can we achieve today if we stick […]

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The Experience Archive

Building Conversation is working on an upcoming reflection project called The Experience Archive. In Building Conversation, we believe and respect the importance of the participants, since it is a platform made for and by them. Our mission is to activate people to approach their own conversation culture like an artist and reflection is an important […]


The North Sea Ambassy

On June 1, 2018, the Embassy of the North Sea was established at Lange Voorhout 19 in The Hague, based on the starting point: the sea is by itself. Representatives presented the North Sea as an independent entity, as its own political body with self-determination from 2030. From now on the North Sea is a […]


Rotterdam in conversation

From March 26 to April 16 we will in co-operation with Theater Rotterdam organize four conversations at four special locations in Rotterdam. Building Conversation gives attention and care to the way we speak to each other with different forms of conversation. Just outside daily reality, the political topicality, apart from existing tensions, urgency and effect, […]

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Building Conversation is a platform for Dialogical Art, which concentrates on the meeting of art, conversation and society.

In the dialogical art movement, which came into being in the 1970s, the conversation itself is presented as a work of art. Drawing on this politically engaged artistic practice, Building Conversation develops performances inspired by existing conversational practices from all over the world; from indigenous communities in New Zealand and Canada, to Occupy, Facebook and the root system of trees.

We have great faith in the possibility of actively contributing to the creation of new social and ecological forms of coexistence. We set to work on the basis of an active hope, in spite of and in reaction to the dystopian world described to us by science, politics and the media. In all our work we invite the public to be a co-creator and partner in conversation, the most important aim being to communicate the emancipatory power of the arts to as many people as possible in as many different places in society as possible.

Why The way we participate in social and ecological structures has to change. There is an urgent need for clear and unflinching reflection on the position we occupy, both in the world and in relation to each other. The increasing inequality between people and between man and nature demands a radical review of the value system our coexistence is based on.

Mission Our mission is to activate people to approach their own conversation culture like an artist. We challenge people to take charge of the reflection on and shaping of the way we talk to each other. With the aim of conscious participation in conversation in a dynamic social structure, while keeping in mind all the living beings with whom we coexist.

Vision The art space is a place for life exercises. Here, detached from everyday reality, we can reflect, rethink and reform in a free and experimental space. Practice, rehearsal and sketching are not preparatory side-effects of art, but the essence of what art is and should be. We establish art as an exercise area and as such return it to the world. An exercise area not just for professional artists, but even more for anyone who feels the need to rethink the structures within which they live.


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Building Conversation

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